Brow waxing before and after
Brow wax before and after
Brow wax and tint before and after
Brow wax and tint before and after

Full face & Body Waxing

I offer full face and body waxing using Honey wax suitable for all skin types. 
Hard wax is available for certain services at an additional cost.
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Brow Waxing

One of my specialties and most popular services is brow waxing and shaping. Whether that is reshaping brows, creating a plan to grow them in, or just tidying them up, I consider brow waxing an art form and have waxed literally thousands of brows over the years. Depending on how much brow hair there is to work with and what a clients' brow goal is, I try to create the most "balanced brows" possible using the "Golden Ratio" below.
Another way to make brows look even better is to tint them during your waxing appointment. This helps create fuller, more even looking brows, especially for brows that are lighter in color.

Balanced Brow