Inverness Ear & Nose Piercing

Inverness Ear Piercing Kit

The Piercing System

For both ear and nose piercing, Inverness, one of the most technologically advanced, cleanest, safest piercing system is used. The Inverness system safely and quickly pierces ears and noses using a gentle, hand-pressured instrument and sterile, pre-sealed, hypoallergenic piercing earrings. All of the earrings and backs are fully incapsulated which prevents them from being exposed to any possible contaminates prior to the piercing. Inverness earrings also uses their unique Safety Back™ (backs of the earrings) which lock into place, completely covering the sharp tip of the earring. This encourages proper healing by providing enough air flow around the piercing and also prevents the back of the earrings from being pushed too close to the ear. Inverness ear piercing is available for children, adults and even babies (I personally have pierced many week old babies over the years!)

Hand Pressured Instrument vs. Piercing Gun

Unlike the Inverness hand-pressured instrument, piercing guns are spring-loaded, loud, not as sterile and in some cases, can shatter cartilage. Inverness's specially engineered hand-pressured instrument is designed to pierce ears quickly, quietly and accurately in one smooth motion, without "shooting" the earrings through the piercing area with a spring.

Earrings & Aftercare

To prevent risks of any allergies, a selection of 14k Solid (not gold-plated) Yellow, White Gold or Titanium earrings are used. Inverness After Care Antiseptic Solution is recommended to clean your new piercing both morning and night for 2-3 months. This antiseptic contains only purified water and Benzalkonium Chloride, which will not dry out new piercings like rubbing alcohol or hydrogen peroxide would.